Matel Regained To The Nature Its Mine That It Shut Down

We have completed afforestation works in mine quarry site, which was shut down in 2012 after having served for 21 years in Muğla Milas.

We have completed afforestation works of our mine quarry site in 2012 after having served for 21 years in Milas.

Located 200 meters away fom  Geyik Dam in Olukbaşı Village, our Feldspar Mine Quarry site was afforested.  MATEL A.Ş. Mining Rights Manager Bayram Altıntop said that sharing such an activity with the locals after having finished the mine in the quarry gave their personnel happiness.

Claiming that the view that miners destroy the nature is not true, our Mining Rights Manager Altıntop said: 'We are trying with examples to prove that this opinion is wrong.  It is indeed our duty to utilize minerals that have formed within millions of years.  Each person of our country has share in that. After utilizing the mineral with economic value, you must restore the environment and make it usable again.  Now, we wish to afforest and shut down our mine quarry, which we have been using for 21 years.

Pointing out that a region, where stone pine grows would appear, Altıntop stated that the folks would benefit from these trees.

Having expressed that a thousand stone pine trees were planted in the site with the joint work carried out with Milas Department of Forestry, Altıntop said the growing trees would contribute to the economy.