Our Facilities

In Matel's raw material facilities, we perform production of high quality and standard product and semi-product raw material for various industrial sectors, ceramic industry in particular.


Bilecik Factory

Established on 135.000 m2 open area and 20.000 m2 closed area within Bilecik 1st Organized Industrial Zone, Bilecik Factory is one of the most important integrated raw material preparation facilities.  Composed of clay filtering, Silica Sand Enriching, Micronized Milling, Grinding-Homogenization and modern laboratories, Matel Bilecik Facilities is growing and developing each day with new investments.  We produce refined clay with MASK brand with different chemical physical properties in Clay Filtering Facility, which has reached 40.000 tons/year capacity through additional investments.

We mill quartz and feldspars at various properties in Micronized Milling Facility, which was commissioned in 2000 and reached a capacity of 100.000 tons/year through new investments.  Commissioned in 1996, Silica Filtering Facility has 40.000 tons/year capacity.  Producing flote silica with MFS brand in different qualities to be used in sectors related to ceramic, casting, chemical adhesive and cleaning products, this facility is the single facility in our country on this field.

Grinding-Homogenization Facility has 125.000/year capacity and in this facility, we grind clays and kaolinites at different properties down to 0-50 mm. size and prepare them.


Şile Facility

Having almost half of the ceramic clay reserves known in our country, Matel produces all-in Clay and Silica Sand at different chemical and physical properties.  In addition to these, we commissioned Silica Sand Washing and Screening Facility with 200.000 tons/year capacity in 2005.  We have provided the opportunity to offer processed product to ceramic, building chemicals and ready mixed sectors by means of Silica Sands at different properties obtained from this facility.


Milas Facility

In Albite Grinding and Screening Facility with 150.000 tons/year total capacity, we produce albite, which is used in ceramic sector, has F-218 code, and is generally 10 mm. Albite, which is produced from the raw material sites in Milas and Region, forms one of the most important mineral export items of our country.