Mine Roads Becoming Concrete

MUĞLA (İHA) - Concreting works were started in roads in Türbe group villages connected to Milas, which often become a current issue with protests.
Roads, which are used intensively by mine transportation trucks and were asphalt before, are being reinforced through transformation into double steel mesh concrete with the budget of Milas Village Service Association, KÖYDES and mining companies.
Within the scope of the budget of Milas Village Service Association, 900 meters of intra-village of Kayabaşı Village and 390 meters of Çallı Village were covered with steel mesh concrete and villagers were relieved.  Villagers of Kayabaşı and Çallı villages in particular, often protested due to reason that they were mistreated because of the damage created by mine trucks on intra-city roads.
On the other hand, 900 meter intra-village road of Çamlıyut Village will start following completion of necessary processes from the budget of Köy-Des.
Mining companies, which use the road the most, will carry out concreting works in an area of 2000 meters in Akkovanlık Village, and 100 meters in Yusufça Village.  Planning and budget of the road work is completed, and the total budget will be distributed among Kaltun Madencilik by 27%, Esan Eczacıbaşı by 27%, Akmaden by 22%, İmers Madencilik by 15%, B&S Madencilik by 4%, and Matel Madencilik by 5%.
Muğla Special Administration Directorate of Roads and Transportation Services will perform all technical audits and control works of the roads.