R & D


In Matel laboratory, which is one of the most modern and well-equipped units in its sector, we perform facility productions under control and light the way for research works, and also meet the laboratory requirements of regional companies.  Besides, we have earned the ceramic sector many new raw materials through intensive R&D works carried out on industrial raw materials.  These laboratories;

Are composed of three departments as Chemical, Physical and Mineralogical Analysis laboratory.  We conduct chemical and grain size distribution analyses in chemical analysis laboratory.  Chemical analyses are conducted with Siemens SRS 3000 and Spectro IQ model X-ray spectrometers, and all standards are internationally certified.  

Grain size distribution analyses on the other hand, are conducted with sedimentation principle by means of Sedigraph 5100, which can perform analysis between 0-300 microns, and Malvern Mastersize 2000, which can perform grain size distribution between 0-2000 microns as both dry and wet.

In mineralogical analysis laboratory, we conduct analysis with Siemens D 5000 X-Ray Diffractometer containing thousands of minerals in its memory, and can determine mineralogical structure of every kind of material.


In physics laboratory equipped with modern devices, we can conduct tile, cast and screen analysis for ceramic raw materials together with all physical tests demanded.  

Along with raw material process and final product controls, trained and experienced personnel continue intensive R&D works in Matel laboratories both in order to provide new products for the sector and improve the current system.